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Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography
Victor M. Montori, MD, M.Sc.




Professor of Medicine - Mayo Clinic College of Medicine                          2009-Present


Carlos Monge Medrano Graduating Class Speaker (Valedictorian)               01/1995
Facultad de Medicina - Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Lima,

Poster Winner - Associates Clinical Vignette Competition, 79th Annual           01/1998
Session of the American College of Physicians, San Diego, CA

Poster Winner - Associates Research Competition, 79th Annual Session          01/1998
of the American College of Physicians, San Diego, CA

Karis Award - Employee Recognition Program, Mayo Clinic Rochester           01/1998

Travel Award - European Association for the Study of Diabetes,                                01/1998
Barcelona, Spain

Travel Award - American Diabetes Association, San Diego, CA                                   01/1999

Internal Medicine Outstanding Achievement Award - Mayo Graduate             01/1999
School of Medicine, College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Young Investigator Award - International Society of Hypertension,                  01/2000
Chicago, IL

Best Presentation Award - International Union of Angiology (IASACO),            01/2002
New York, NY

Mayo Foundation Scholar - McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario,                2002-2004

Top Abstract - 28th Annual Meeting Society of Medical Decision Making,           01/2006
Boston, MA

Outstanding Mentor Award – Mayo Clinic, Department of Medicine                 2013

Peer-reviewed Articles

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