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Oscar Juan Perales Perez

Dr Perales-Perez is a Metallurgist graduated from Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (UNI) Perú in 1985 He completed his M S course in Chemical Metallurgy in 1992 in the same University After working as professor in the School of Metallurgy-UNI and as consulting engineer for more than 10 years Dr Perales-Perez moved to Institute for Advanced Materials Processing Tohoku University Japan where he got his Doctor of Engineering degree in Materials Processing in 1998 In November 1998 Dr Perales-Perez was invited to join the Center for Interdisciplinary Research Tohoku University (CIRTU) as a Visiting Associate Professor At CIRTU he was involved in several research projects related to size-controlled synthesis and characterization of nano-structured functional materials and development of size-selective separation methods for nano-sized polydisperse particles He also worked as a member of the research team SONY-Tohoku University being co-inventor of processes related to the size-controlled synthesis of magnetic nanomaterials (metallic alloys high-coercivity ferrites) Dr Perales- Perez is author of more than 30 scientific and technological publications in specialized journals and Proceedings He has also participated as invited panelist for the National science Foundation USA SBIRT/STTR Program His current research interests are: Aqueous and non-aqueous processing of functional materials size- and structure-controlled synthesis of nanomaterials in solution phase aqueous processing of secondary resources and 'green-processing'


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