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-Nombres-: Lily  Beatriz

-Apellidos-: Gavilano Ramírez

-Especialidad-: Bioquímica / Biologa Molecular

-Grado_academico-: doctorado

-Institucion-: University of Kentucky

-Ciudad-: Lexington

-Pais-: US

-Curriculum-: LILY GAVILANO
University of Kentucky, Dept. of Agronomy (Plant and Soil Sciences).
I wish to pursue a career in plant biotechnology focused on functional genomics and natural products that uses and enhances my training.

Productive, goal-oriented biochemist with 5 years of postdoctoral experience and 9 years of   Master experience in natural products, genetic engineering and active proteins. Proven ability to do independent research. Exceptional commitment to team and company goals.


2005: Business Idea Development Workshop. Von Allmen Center for Entrepreneurship. University of Kentucky. March-April. Team Leader.

1995-2000: Ph.D. in Microbiology with emphasis in Molecular Biology.  Dept. of Botany and Microbiology.  University of Oklahoma.
Ph.D. Dissertation Title: Discovery, Isolation and Characterization of Novel Biomolecules with Nematicidal Activity. Advisor: Dr. Karel Schubert.

1980-1986: M.Sc. and B. Sc. in Biochemistry. Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia. Advisor: Dr. Jan Turna. Thesis Title: Search and Cloning of the Gene for Penicillin acylase in E. coli.


1999: Award for Outstanding Presentation of Graduate Research in the Area of Biological and Physical Sciences. University of Oklahoma, U.S.A.
1993: Scholarship from the government of Sweden for individual training in natural products isolation. May-Nov. 1993. University of Chile.
1980: Scholarship from the government of Czechoslovakia to study Biochemistry with emphasis in genetic engineering in Slovakia. 1980-1986.



2002-present: University of Kentucky, Dept. of Agronomy. Lexington, Kentucky.
Isolated, identified, and characterized the P450 nicotine demethylase gene. Developed a tobacco plant with reduced toxic alkaloids by means of gene  silencing (RNAi) (Patent pending).  Expressed a P450 demethylase gene in  yeast, in tobacco and in Arabidopsis. Currently I am subcloning hybrid genes into yeast to study the P450 nicotine demethylase gene structural function.
2001-2002: Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. St. Louis, Missouri. Searched and isolated bacterial proteins with nemastatic activity. Visiting Scientist.


1995-2000: University of Oklahoma.  Dept. of Botany and Microbiology.
Norman - Oklahoma, USA. Discovered and isolated novel plant secondary metabolites and proteins with nematicidal and insecticidal activities.


1994-1995: International Center for the Biological Control of Pests and Pathogens Inc.(BIOCONTROL).  Lima - Peru. Research Associate.
Co-edited the bilingual magazine BIOCONTROL.
1989-1993: International Potato Center (CIP). Lima - Peru. Research Assistant.
Isolated plant and fungi metabolites with nematicidal activity.
1987-1989: Peruvian University Cayetano Heredia. Lima-Peru.  Research  Assistant.
Subcloned and expressed some Leishmania genes for diagnostic purposes. 


1. Gavilano L., and B. Siminszky. Development of Tobacco Plants with Reduced Toxic Alkaloid Content by RNAi of the P450 Nicotine Demethylase Gene.(In preparation).

2. Siminszky B., L. Gavilano, S. Bowen and R. Dewey. 2005. Conversion of Nicotine to Nornicotine in Nicotiana tabacum is Mediated by CYP82E4, a Cytochrome P450 Monooxygenase.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 102 (41): 14919 - 14924.

3. Gavilano L., C. J. Li, F. J. Schmitz, and K. Schubert. 2005. Natural Products from Ambrosia psilostachya, Solidago missouriensis and Lespedeza stuevei Against Meloidogyne incognita Nematodes. (In preparation).

4. Jatala P., P.Jatala, K. Schubert, L. Gavilano, and I. Delgado. 1995. Differential nematicidal activities of selected plants from Peru. BIOCONTROL 1, (2) : 35 - 48.

5. Jatala P., L. Gavilano, I. Bendezu, and T. Boluarte. 1993. Electrophoretic differences in esterase patterns of 25 Nacobbus aberrans populations from North and South America. Nematropica 23.

6. Jatala, P., G. Manrique, and L. Gavilano. 1990. Nematicidal efficiency of some fungal metabolites and their specificity in controlling phyto-parasitic nematodes. Fitopatologia 25 ( 1 ) : 13

7. Jatala, P., and L. Gavilano. 1990. Electrophoretic studies of protein patterns of the eggs and cyst cuticles of Globodera pallida. Fitopatologia 25  ( 1 ) : 12 - 13.

8. Jatala, P., and L. Gavilano. 1991. Electrophoretic studies of protein patterns of Globodera pallida and G. rostochiensis eggs. Nematropica 21:2.

-tlf_lima-: 452 7366

-fecha_llegada-: Diciembre 22

-Autores-: Lily Gavilano1*, Balazs Siminszky1, Steve Bowen2 and Ralph Dewey2
1 University of Kentucky, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences, Lexington KY 40546.
2 North Carolina State University, Crop Science Department, Raleigh, NC 27695.

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