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Silvia I. Rondon

Rank : Assistant Professor

Title : Extension Entomologist, Oregon State University , Crop and Soil Sciences, Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center (HAREC)

Mailing Address : 2121 South First Street , Hermiston , OR 97838

Phone: (541) 567-8321; Fax: (541) 567-2240; e-mail:

Appointment: 12 months

Principle duties in present position : Extension Entomologist. Duties involve insects in irrigated cropping systems throughout eastern Oregon as well as emergency needs in eastern Oregon dryland production area. IPM, Insect Ecology and Biological Control. 75% Extension, 25% Research


Ph.D . Crop Sciences (IPM) 2002 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

M.S . Entomology 1999 Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina, Lima, Peru

B.A . Biology (Zoology) 1993 Universidad Nacional Agraria la Molina, Lima, Peru


r esearch Associate (Postdoctoral Associate) (Jan. 2002 - Sept. 2005) University of Florida


Refereed Journals: 11

Non-Refereed Journals: 9
Chapters in Book: 1

Articles Published in Professional Proceedings: 9

Publications for Region Wide Distribution: 9

Publications for State Wide Distribution (fact sheets, electronic newsletters, web links): 30

Abstracts of Papers Presented at Professional Meetings: 19

Abstracts of Papers Presented at Extension Meetings: 17

Guest speaker: 17 (English and Spanish) 

Grants and Contracts: $ 230,000 in 2005-06

Honors, Recognition and Outstanding Achievements: 14 in the last 8 years (i.e. 2001 Luckmann Integrated Pest Management Award . University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Natural History Survey)

Membership and Activities at Professional Societies: 8 ( i.e. Entomological Society of America; International Society of Horticultural Sciences, Potato Association of America)

Teléfono 9965-7402

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